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Design Philosophy

ATSA Architects believes in its brand of Architecture that is Responsible, Timeless, Progressive, Innovative and Sustainable. Our responsibility to the public, to the client, to future generations, to the environment and to ourselves is paramount. We inscribe timeless, progression and innovation into our designs and sustainability as our design aesthetics.

Architect-Client Partnership

We work as partners with our clients. We find this close relationship necessary in shaping the programme and determining the direction of the project. We value our clients’ insight as ultimately their interpretation will enable us to provide solutions that build successful buildings that are design excellence, memorable and timeless. This integration is the key that differentiates ATSA from other architectural firms.

The Past Inspires The Future

Our built structures, whether it is a new building, a major renovation or an adaptive reuse, will have the inevitable changes to its existing context, environment and the surrounding demographics. We, as architects at ATSA must complement, and to a larger extent, improve it. We value the past as an inspiration to build the future.

Local - International Approach

Our long term approach is to always develop various Strategic Alliances with both local and international firms. Our intention is to gain exposure, expertise and knowledge in various design fields and making sure that all of our designs are competitive and parallel with the world’s progression. To support our determination in providing best quality and continuous performance, we are also able to serve our clients from our branches and on-site offices located nationwide.

Thought Leadership

As part of our purpose as a responsible Architectural firm, we love to work together with the many local and foreign universities to impart some our knowledge of what we have learnt over the years and thus may help Architectural students to gain from our experience and insights. Our organizational culture operates in a small, holistic and empowered team allows us for better integration, breeds creativity and innovation amongst ATSArians.

High Quality Competetive Sustainable Designs

As the quality of lifestyle in Malaysia and around the world upgrades, we believe that our branding of Architecture will stand the test of demands for high quality sustainable buildings. We strive to provide our clients with designs that are environmentally sensitive and aspire to be the exemplary Architectural firm in adopting sustainability practices in all our projects.

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